More than just a cute cup.

Fact: 100 billion single-use cups go to landfill each year, 99% of which will never be recycled. With reusable, ceramic Fairwell cups, we’re cleaning up.

Ladies first.

We put our global community of women first. Our ceramics are ethically crafted by artisans in vulnerable communities across India. Why? Craft is the second largest employer of women in emerging economies. By ethically employing these communities, we deliver economic and social support.

Green looks good on you.

We put sustainability at the core of everything we do, design, and produce. This means obsessing over the impact of our supply chain and choosing to support suppliers who represent our values of sustainability, fair trade, and equal opportunity for all women.

Conscious Cups

Funds from each sale is donated to help pay for a girl's schooling. Education makes people safer, healthier and more self-sufficient, yet 750 million people are illiterate—and two thirds are women and girls. 

Women at Work

Go deep with everyday activists—women making big and small choices that will shape a better world for you.

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